19,- €

SMB T-adapter

(2 male, 1 female)

to connect two devices to one APD sensor

gold plated



18,- €

SMB 90° connector

comes with 30cm cable, pre wired

shield: minus   /   center: plus
gold plated




13,50 € / Set

MOLEX  -  crimp your own

a set of Gold plated molex connectors

SET: 7 Gold molex, 3 houses




5,- € / meter


used for Fischer cable/plugs  -  the black one we use

7 wires

one of the best cables you can get


5,50 €

the blueglobe®

cable gland with high strain relief


Brass nickel plated

IP 68, up to 15 bar over the whole sealing range, reusable

metric thread M12x 1,5

thread lenght 10mm!! O-ring sealed

for cables from 2-8mm !!




50,- €

Cable/plug set 7 wire

IP 68

cable is 2 meters, cut it to your needs

plug is also pre wired !


4,- €

CABLE with molex connector
(NOT gold plated)

to connect sensors

brown: minus  /  orange: plus  /  red: not used


96,- €


Fischer cable and Plug 7pin

cable lenght aprox 150cm

The new molded version.
The color coding is the same as the other, also all pins are wired of course

This molded plug does have the same characteristics for sealing as the other, there is no difference in depth linits or so. They are just similar on technical specs.

check here for cable colors



103,- € 

Fischer cable and Plug 7pin

cable lenght can be up aprox 140cm (plus the lenght of the two wires)

This is ready to install for example to the orig. Poseidon third cell holder
The white shoe will be delivered extra so cable can go through cable gland.
One side is marked with a green piece of cable


12,- €

cap for Fischer plug

13,50 €

 fits the plug on the cable side!!!!


24,-€ /set


Set of caps for Lumberg cable (like on AV1 units)



10,00 €/piece


Cabel for Sensor Tester

female Molex to male Jack 3,5mm

D01XX Cabel for Sensor Tester

One side is always female 3 pin Molex to connect to the sensor tester pressure box board

prices are per piece

D0105   to SMB male    15,-

D0106   to SMB female (straight)   15,-

D0107   to SMB female (angle 90°)  22,-

D0108   to 2 pin Molex female 8,-

D0109   to 2 pin Molex male  9,-

D0110   to 3 pin Molex female (standard coming with the sensor tester) 8,-




60,- €

7 pin female plug Fischer

for fixed installation
thread: M14x1

D0019 a


Fischer plugs

  D0019a is the DBEE


Pic follows...


Adapter to convert PG9 to M12x1,5


Useful if you have a PG9 thread or a brogen PG7,
 redrill it to PG9 and fit the smooth adapter i
n to use cable glands M12x1,5


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